“Our kids grow up so fast. Don't let these memories slip away.”

Hey! I'm Heidi, your Inland Empire Photographer Bestie...

I'm so glad you stopped by! I'm not your run-of-the-mill photographer – think of me as your personal memory-catcher. I'm here to freeze those genuine laughs, untangle the windswept hair, and document the beautifully chaotic moments that define your family. If you're looking to have non-tradtional family photos, I'm your girl. Forget the stiff and uncomfortable type of photo sessions from your childhood. I prefer you DON'T look at my camera for most of your session. Let's ditch the "say cheese" and embrace the real stuff. I specialize in unposed, non-traditional family photography. It's not about perfection; it's about capturing your squad in it's true, authentic glory. Expect a session that feels more like hanging out with a friend than a formal photoshoot. We'll explore, play, and create memories together – and, oh yeah, I'll sneak in some incredible photos while we're at it!

a picture of heidi grace photography standing in a field in yucaipa ca for a photo session

Here's a bit about me:

I've always had this thing for photography. Becoming a mom kicked my love for capturing moments into high gear, and suddenly, turning this passion into a career felt like the most natural thing. When I'm not glued to my camera, I'm probably knee-deep in some reality TV show or lost in a rabbit hole of random documentaries. I'm that person who needs to know EVERYTHING about what I love, and trust me, I'll hit you with the weirdest facts on occasion - lol! Here's a little secret: I'm a firm believer that music and photos have this magical power to transform your mood. Weaving music and photos into your daily narrative, man...that just adds a little bit of spice to life! Ready to break free from the ordinary? Let's chat about how we can create some magic together. Because your family deserves photos as unique as you are!

Hey! I'm Heidi, with Heidi Grace Photography. I'm a wife, mom and family photographer that adores living in Southern California. Capturing moments over poses for families in some of the most beautiful locations in the Inland Empire is one of my most favorite things to do. Children and family photography is my jam!

I'm a Wife, Mother, and Photographer

Work with Me

Heidi Grace Photography serves the Southern California area in the Inland Empire cities of Beaumont, Calimesa, Yucaipa, Redlands, and surrounding cities.