A Magical Session in the Sand - Palm Springs, CA

Hey there, lovely momma's!

It's that time of year again and I'm so excited to share my latest photos from my Motherhood Mini Session in Palm Springs, CA. This is a new to me location that I've been wanting to shoot a session at for years. Motherhood Mini Sessions in the sunny oasis of Palm Springs did not disappoint. Now, I know what you're thinking: "What's so special about these mini sessions?" Well, let me give you all the deets.

Picture this: You, your kiddos, and me, capturing all those sweet, candid moments that make motherhood oh-so-special. From giggles and cuddles to those messy, magical everyday adventures – we're gonna freeze those precious memories in time. Think stunning desert vibes, golden sunlight, and the kind of scenery that'll make your heart skip a beat. Whether you're a mama-to-be, a seasoned pro with a tribe of little ones, older teens, or somewhere in between, these mini sessions are all about celebrating YOU and the beautiful chaos of motherhood.

Here's the lowdown:

Motherhood Mini Sessions will take place in the months of April & May 2024

Location: I have 3 locations to choose from this year. Yucaipa, Redlands, and Palm Springs, CA

Session Duration: 20 mins

What's Included: You will receive 7 edited images via an online gallery. You will have the chance to purchase more images if you'd like

Cost: $275 with a deposit of $150 to reserve your spot on my calendar

Fill out the contact form below and shoot me a message to book your slot. Can't wait to soak up the sun and snap some memories with you all!

Catch ya on the sunny side,


a mom holds her baby girl's hand and smiles
a women dressed in a white flwoing dress stands in the sand dunes of palm springs holding her baby
a beautiful women walks inthe sand with her baby in front of windmills
a baby girls dressed in a brown outfit with white flowers smiles
a mom holds her baby up and kisses her cheeks
a beautiful women walks in the sand in palm springs ca
a mother holds her baby girl
a mom kisses her daughters cheek while they cuddle
a mom kisses her baby girl on the cheek at sunset in palm springs ca
a womens hair blows in the wind while kissing her baby's forehead
a baby girl wearing a light pink outfit holds onto her mother's white dress
a baby girls stands in front of her mom while laughing and smiling
a baby girls plays with her mom's necklace
a women wearing a beautiful white dress stands in the sand holding her infant daughter
a mother sits in the sand with her twin daughters sitting on her lap
a baby girl playing with her mom's necklace